Loco was a 2017 contemporary Flamenco dance production by myself, Sofia Pratt, in collaboration with percussionist Jackson Vickery. Other artists in the programme were Camila Mercado, who translated and read my poetry, and Miranda Wiltshire who performed both Samba and Flamenco dance. It was a one time only performance and has not been performed since, despite having had requests. We are waiting for the right time to do it again.

Loco won the WA Dance & Physical Theatre award in 2017 in the Perth Fringe Festival in Australia.

Loco was a passion project and not something I expected to resonate so strongly with its audience or the Fringe judges. As Director of Danza Viva Academy and Company I’ve staged several shows but I’ve always been thinking about what my audience wanted or how to create a positive experience for my students. This was the first time I made something entirely for myself and let it be as silly, sexy and magic as I liked. All the artists involved were my friends and I was grateful for their support.

The description for the show was as follows:

Loco is a sound poem. It is a dance of words. It is body emotion. A Contemporary Flamenco Presentation by Sofia Pratt, Director of Danza Viva, and percussionist Jackson Vickery. What to expect? A lot of sweat and a lot of noise.’

There are no reviews of the show because we barely promoted it and by the time anyone knew about it it was over, having been one show only.

My favourite feedback came from a fellow dancer immediately following the show.

She stared at me for a moment and then said, ‘You have balls of steel.’

Below is a gallery of images from the show, as well as the poster. There are about 15 images. Keep clicking to scroll through them.

There is also a 6 minute video of clips from the show.